Maybe you already know that feature, but as a reminder, don't forget to long press buttons (fav, boost, follow, compose, reply, etc...) that will allow you to finish the action with another account without switching. #Fedilab #tip

Hi hi ! Y a Flock qui a illustré l'article de NextInpact sur les plans de @Framasoft pour le monde d'après 😂

My quick notes about the process of today's test published earlier: 5 steps, 3 layers, predictible and reproducible. I'll explore more with it, I like this simplicity.

full resolution of the artwork, btw:


Cropped version of my Full Metal Alchemist fanart! I wanted to give a"Resembool, end of summer"vibes.
Anyway, I hope you're all having a very good start for 2020. I wish you lots of love and lots of beautiful drawings.

Après un an et demi sans venir ici, j’essaye de reprendre petit à petit mstodon en main :P
(Merci @tykayn)

Donc, pour commencer, un petit test es différentes brushes sur #Procreate ! :P

New here? Remember that Twitter is optimized to make you into passive consumers, by en(r/g)aging you with content that you don't choose yourself.

Here, that doesn't happen. But it also means you're responsible to find people to follow.

It will take some work.

If you're willing to put that in, you'll find a wide variety of friendly people that will be happy to have meaningful conversions and laugh and cry together with you.

Start by searching and looking at who other people follow.


Afin d'éviter toute confusion sur quels services nous allons fermer, restreindre ou garder, nous avons retravaillé un tableau à lire et surtout à partager ! (reboosts appréciés)

Pour qui veut tout comprendre, nos explications sont ici

(merci à @maiwann pour son travail <3! ) #TootOuRien #Degooglisons #Framasoft #Framapiaf #Services #CHATONS... et toujours #nodrama

On est sur version plus que 3.
J'ai hâte qu'on ait une multi sélection de comptes pour kicker les bots plusieurs a la fois. Comme pour les tags.

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