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Hello !
If you want a commish, please check these files !
Bonjour !
Si vous voulez une commande, s'il vous plaît regardez ces fiches !

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Well, I think you don't remind me, so here we go !
I'm Anei Ragdowl, or Dowly if you prefer. My pronouns is they/she.

I'm hobbyist illustrator and I draw in traditional and in digital. I also made some plushies. But I'm still a beginner...

My posts will be public only if they are creative. So personal stuff will be private.

I hope you will have a good day, and I said you "plusch" !

I’m back in Mexico after my anination studio gig and moving into a new place next week! And then art making can finally pick up again!

This is the best time to join my Patreon ( ) or get a commission ( ) it really helps!! 🐲

Ok cet article est extra.
Précis, travaillé, sourcé ; il remet en place l'argument des 15 000L d'eau pour 1kg de boeuf que j'entends depuis que je m'intéresse au sujet


so hey, this might seem a little early, but #ArtFight is coming up again in July and i think it would be a cool thing for #mastoart to do

here's my profile so you can add me and i can add you in preparation for the event:

and some artfight pieces i did last year

Petite illu "spin-off" de Grenadine, pour l'anniv de Matt^^

Okay, so I finished Brave story second's volume.
I love it ❤.
More I read of the story, more I think the author was inspired from Neverending Story...
(spoilers : This book is my favorite one !)

Now next : third's and last volume !

EDAM EDAM 🔥 Pedro De Consuelo Del Fuego
enregistrée lors du petit twitch-live de l'autre jour. :)

Ptit :
J'ai continué de lire un essai en plusieurs parties sur la définition de la Fantasy (ou plutôt de la SFFF). Point de vue intéressant, on découvre même le côté étiquette commercial du YA. Yay ^^

I had to kill some time, cos my gf sleep for million hours more than me.
Found an old sketchbook and some colored pencils. Looks like a few years of practice wasn't a waste after all
#traditionalart #creativetoots

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