i made a export visualisation tool to get some statistics and an HTML display of the toots you got from your outbox.json file. Enjoy the Readme file to know how to run it locally. Don't forget to copy paste your outbox.json file as specified.
this runs with , , and just .
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@gargon @shlee
just a copy of the readme :

# NodeJS Converter of Mastodon export to HTML files
install dependencies
Run the main.js file

It will create a file showing your longest posts if you want.

initialize this project with its dependencies, copy paste the source_data of your linkes.json and outbox.json to get an HTML export on a node server.
git clone && cd mastodon-archive-stats
mkdir source_data
node main.js
copy paste the source_data of your linkes.json and outbox.json to the **source_data** folder

open your browser to
and you will see the result in html.

## What statistics does this provide
For the moment:
* who you talked to the most, with counters. This uses the field of a toot.

## configuration
Change vars in the main.js file.

## Format restriction
this viewer works with archives exported at the time of this writing, July 2020.

## That is messy code with a bad UI and you should feel bad
it is, yes!
Feel free to contribute with a merge request.

Tykayn on mastodon, on my own instance:

Other works about web and drawings:

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